Welcome to Whirlwind Winery      

     Store Hours

       Friday 12:00pm - 6:00pm
            Saturday 12:00pm - 6:00pm     
                Private tastings and groups by appointment    



Whirlwind Winery, located on the historic Main Street of downtown Watonga, is dedicated to producing quality Oklahoma wines. Whirlwind specializes in dry, Old-World style red wines, but also offers a variety of wines styles for any wine-lover, including our award winning “Honey-Apple” and local favorite “Wild Sand Plum”. The winemakers are proud vineyard owners and grape growers, ensuring that all the wines are made with fresh, locally grown grapes and fruit whenever possible. All but a scant few of the bottles produced at Whirlwind Winery carry an OKLAHOMA label appellation. This means you are drinking real Oklahoma wine, not wine produced from imported grapes, kits, or concentrates.

The winery building, once a turn-of-the-century bank, was recently restored from near dilapidation and is both tasting room and working winery. Visitors are amazed to see the building's antique tin ceiling and walk-in safe room with the original steel door. While there, you can often witness the winemaking process in varying stages and get insight into how fruit and grapes are transformed into wine. You will also be able to sample Whirlwind's selection of wines without charge, often with the winemakers themselves.

Whirlwind Winery is committed to supporting value-added agriculture, encouraging the cultural growth of western Oklahoma, and producing top quality Oklahoma wines. We invite you to join us in this fun and challenging endeavor.




Labor Omnia Vincit!